Saturday, May 8, 2010

Softball Starts................something new?

Mylea has been learning how to pitch these past 3 weeks. This was her 1st game to actually pitch. She did pretty good. Struck out 5 batters. We hope it is the start of something wonderful! We will see. She was nervous,
but got better as the game went on.
You go GIRL!

Prom Queen and more Goats

Cassie goes to the Jr Prom and who knew? She is the Prom Queen. How kool is that? Rustyn, loves the baby goats and likes to just sit down and get them

Go Cordell

Cordell wins the Jr Bull Riding WAHOO!


April 22, after Gymnastics. We got home and My and Dickie went to check T.K. Out and when they opened the back door you could hear them baa ing- and we knew they were here.
They are so cute. We named them Jack and Jill. Rus thinks they are the coolest.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Renisianance Fair

The Renisiance Fair was alot of Fun Although it rained. Mylea like Goldy Locks, The Turkey Legs and took a stab at the Jousting.

Look who found Grammas Sink

Mr. Kool loves to take baths in Gramma Kitchen Sink! What amess he is. i am not sure if he was humgry and wanting to eat the faucett or he thought that it was a microphone!

Mylea all ready for picture Day!


Lots and Lots of Icicles. They are very pretty. But ya don't want to stand under any of them.

Mylea enjoyed Little League Basket ball. She learned more about the game. It was a fun experience for her. She scored at least one basket in almost all of her games. One game she made 10 points WOW